"By far the best burlesque show I've ever seen..." - Inside Cabaret

"A violent clash of the Mafia meets unhinged circus." - Afflatus Magazine

Wonderground offers a delicious range of artistic offerings to suit a vast range of tastes and desires. Whether it's classic burlesque, bawdy comedy, cheeky circus, theatrical mayhem or terrifying psychological immersion you seek, we have an experience tailored especially for you!

Current in-house shows and upcoming events include:

  Mama Natalia's Cirque des Femmes (2019/20): A bawdy blend of burlesque and ribald comedy, hosted by the most brazen boobies in the business. Join Mama as she takes you on a journey into the art of tease with a celebration of all things wicked, wanton...and woman.

The Burlesque Underground (2019/20): Australia's first and only ongoing serial live-action roleplaying burlesque and cabaret interactive experience. Now in its 8th year, the Underground is a fantasy playground of epic proportions. The Black Family and its associates delve into your darkest fetishes and desires...and will drag you kicking and screaming

along for the ride. Rated R18+ Trigger warnings apply.

Chastity's Box of Vices (2019/20): Wickedly wanton Chastity De Vice is striking out on her own, bringing you a sassy assortment of some of Australia's newest stars. Forget Pandora, Chastity has more than your usual fare hidden inside her box. From vaudeville to burlesque, circus to comedy and everything in between. Come take a peek.


PROM NIGHT BNR event.jpg


DECEMBER 14th, 2019 -  Descendants Prom Night - The Burlesque Underground - BOOK NOW

DECEMBER 31st, 2019 - Wonderground NYE

FEBRUARY 15th, 2020 - My Bloody Valentine - The Burlesque Underground




© 2019 by Natalie Ristovski

Note: Shows at Wonderground and the Burlesque Underground are strictly for adults 18+ only and may contain gore, horror, simulated violence, simulated sexual violence, coarse language, partial nudity, and including images, concepts and themes that may offend. Trigger warnings apply. All scripted and improvised role-play is safe, sane and consensual.