Wonderground offers intensive classes in burlesque, cabaret, dramatic dark theatre, MCing and stagecraft across all genres and disciplines. Both in-house and guest teachers work alongside you to help uncover and finely tune your craft according to your own learning style, interests and needs.

With one-off workshops, 8 week, and 6-12 month courses available, learn at your own pace and set your own artistic goals as you go!

All course students have the opportunity to perform and participate in showcase evenings, with select graduates having the unique opportunity for ongoing employment within Wonderground in-house shows.


Jan - Feb 2020: Mama Natalia's Fatales (Burlesque Beginners)

Feb -2020: Burlesque School of Hard Knocks (Stagecraft and Burlesque business) Workshop. Wonderground Stage Kitty Workshop. Underground Character Workshop.

March 2020: Wonderground Student Showcase. Underground Burlesque Performance Workshop.

April - May 2020: Mama Natalia's Fatales (Beginners and Intermediate)

June 2020: Wonderground Student Showcase

July - Aug 2020: Mama Natalia's Fatales (Intermediate and Progressive)

Sept 2020: Wonderground Student Showcase. 

Nov 2020: Wonderground End of Year Showcase

For more information and to register your interest for classes and courses, email wonderground.au@gmail.com.

© 2020 by Natalie Ristovski

Note: Shows at Wonderground and the Burlesque Underground are strictly for adults 18+ only and may contain gore, horror, simulated violence, simulated sexual violence, coarse language, partial nudity, and including images, concepts and themes that may offend. Trigger warnings apply. All scripted and improvised role-play is safe, sane and consensual.