Melbourne's home for artistic theatrical magic and mayhem - Wonderground is here!

Borne from the ashes of venues past comes the culmination of over 15 years of love, loss, lust and laughter within the Australian entertainment circuit. Step into a world ever-changing and evolving with it's fans, friends, family and new audiences. Escape from the humdrum of everyday life to a place where anything goes and the only limits are in your imagination.

From burlesque and cabaret to vaudeville and circus, from contemporary to classic, cult to commercial, titillating to terrifying...there is something for every palate...and plenty more for those who seek to find themselves.


Fully interactive live-theatre and cabaret set amongst the most magical of hideaways - tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the world to ensure that it cannot find you unless you want it to.

Whether it's a fun night out, a personalised private function, an event or studio space with a difference, or a leap into the depths of the unknown you seek, we invite you to come and play within Wonderground.

Childhood may be over.

But playtime has just begun.

Your time is now.